Daniel Fast 2011 – day 5

Sorry I missed yesterday’s post.  The day got away from me.  I am sure that will happen again, so if it does, at least you will know and understand that it happens to all of us.

we are almost completed with our first week.  I hope this week has helped your relationship to the Lord.  I know with me, fasting really clarifies my mind and focuses me greatly.  I have enjoyed that, especially in the midst of PHTS – post holiday traumatic stress syndrome – Ha! 🙂  On top of that throw a little sickness and then a week of ‘snow days’ and endless news reports about icy roads to where at one point major highway systems are graphically portrayed all the way down to a reporter standing by a ‘patch’ about 8×8 in size dramatizing its effect on passing motorists!! – AAAUUUGGGhHHHH!  can you feel it?! – ha!

Well, being ‘snowed in’ has had its benefits.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in the Word.  It’s been wonderful.  I saw something today that I have never seen before in Scripture, it was awesome!!  Remember how I said fasting clarifies and intensifies focus, it does!  Being sick has been a plus too, b/c honestly, my appetite hasnt really been there, thank God! I have struggled with the fast though, but God works most powerfully during struggle, at least from my experience.  So, I thank Him!!

Well, here’s a learning to share…it comes from this mornings Proverb (ch14), its about the “fear of the Lord”.  I have done a “fear of the Lord” study before, but at times God reminds me and shows me additional nuggets.

First, I have to admit that I depend on myself too much.  Consequently, I get frustrated alot b/c I am not that good of a leader, pastor, teacher, father, husband, and on and on ( I did insinuate I focus on myself too much didnt I?), well, sometimes I think, “man, if I was just like that guy, think of where our church would be, think of how much better my family would be”, or some other mental insanity and self-absorbtion.

Secondly, and this is the main point, God has taught me, and honestly I do believe this, that spirituality and my relationship with Jesus, is the most important thing and the best thing that I can do to be a better leader, father, husband, friend or otherwise.  It’s not my skill set, but my heart set on spiritual things.

Proverbs 14:34, said, “godliness makes a nation great”, vs. 2 said, “those who follow the right path fear the Lord”, vs. 26 & 27, said, “those who fear the Lord are secure” and the “fear of the Lord is a life-giving fountain”.

what powerful truth to those of us who struggle with too much “self”.  its godliness that will make a nation great, or a church, or a family, or a _______ (you fill in the blank).  Godliness comes from the fear of the Lord.  in fact, they are kind of synonyms.  do you know where  the fear of the Lord comes from?

the fear of the Lord comes from pursuing Him!  getting to know Him!  drawing near to Him!  getting closer to Him!  all of which are “spiritual” things.  If we pursue Him a natural fear of the Lord will result, thereby putting us on the “right path” and making us wise, understanding and Godly, which is what will make a nation (family, church, business, etc.) – GREAT!!

not skills, but spirituality!!

so apply it to your life however the Lord desires for you, and I will do the same!!  Isn’t God’s Word AWESOME!!




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