Daniel Fast 2011 – day 7

Eating for my Glory?

7 days –  Congrats!!  I have heard different comments from several people about this fast.  Some are finding it to be not “as bad as they thought” 🙂  others are wondering “what have I done” 🙂  Be encouraged, b/c the first of 3 weeks is almost over and God is just beginning to share with us what He has for us.  So, be encouraged and be steadfast!!

I was reading this morning again in Proverbs (in case you didn’t know, I read ‘the proverb for the day’ – which is the chapter for the calendar date, today was 16) (i encourage you to do the same), anyway, several things jumped out to me, like vs. 9 (it always speaks to me), “the Lord determines our steps”.  I often wonder, if He already knows, why doesn’t He show me?  Well, I conclude that’s why this journey is a ‘walk of faith’.  Also, and here is the main truth of this post, vs. 6 and 17, again spoke about the ‘fear of the Lord’.  This time it said that the fear of the Lord leads away from evil and that people who are fearing the Lord avoid evil.

I have felt guilty because I have blown this Daniel Fast several times already.  I try to live in grace but I just “want” some flavor or something sweet.  I will use good discipline for several days and then I will blow it and just feel awful about it.

For me, and maybe you, here’s the crux of the issue…who’s glory do I eat for?  mine or the Lords?  I will admit, when I give in to my passions and desires to eat, and to overeat (gluttony), I eat for my glory, and not the Lord’s and that becomes sin for me.

Proverbs told me this morning that to avoid sin (evil), the key for me is to walk in the fear of the Lord.  To honor Him, to please Him, not me, not my flesh, not my cravings.  He  has told me that if I will draw near to Him, He will draw near to me (Jms. 4).  So, to avoid sinning and eating for my glory, I must ‘fear the Lord’ and turn away from evil!!  Galatians 5:16, gives me this promise, “If I will walk in the Spirit, I will not fulfill the desires of my flesh”

I hope this encourages you and your focus in who’s glory you eat for!!  blessings…



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