Frustrated!! C’mon Man!!

I went to a Pastor’s Conference years ago and heard the presenter say we could use any of the material he was giving us in any way we liked and then followed that with this statement, “b/c there are no copyrights in heaven”!

I thought that was great and went back home to process my learnings from the conference.   I soon found myself with an opportunity to share some of those learnings and began organizing my thoughts on paper from my notes from the conference.  During that process I was compelled to call the speaker at the church he served and speak with him about the notes and my opportunity.  Needless to say I was excited!!  However, in a few short moments my excitement was squelched.  I quickly learned that he was backing up on his comment that “there are no copyrights in heaven” b/c of a pending book deal on the material.

Now, I understand businesses have to protect their proprietary’s and a publisher especially.  But, in the spirit of ESPN’s Monday Night Countdown, C’MON MAN!

Now let me bring this present tense!  As a pastor/church planter, and a young one at that (not that I am young but our church plant is), I am always reading other pastor’s blogs, listening to podcasts of other sermons and leadership stuff, reading articles and going to conferences if I can when dollars are available, and several other ways to “get” info by which to grow in my own leadership and pastoring.  One of the things I have started to like is “free” webinars and teleconferences b/c I can stay at home or my office and gain insights from other journeymen.

But sometimes, even with all that intake there is still a need for one on one Q & A, feedback and exchange through coaching.  But there is one problem – IT’S NOT FREE!!  I have heard and even agree with the statement, “everyone needs a coach”, but too many other pastors, especially those who the “church world” would deem as successful and could offer much to help younger church planters like myself and many others, want to charge for their coaching, sharing of ideas and learnings.  I think it is like they must think, “hey God helped me learn how to be effective and successful, so, I think I will charge others for what heaven gave me for free”!!  C’MON MAN!!

Honestly, idk what they think and I really don’t want to judge their heart…but I get frustrated!!  There are so many other pastors that could help so many other pastors but for whatever reason they want to charge for their knowledge.  whatever happened to the older teaching the younger Paul taught in the pastoral epistles?  Whatever happened to Solomon’s wisdom that there are no new learning’s under the sun?  if that’s the case why do we charge for ideas that are as old as time?

I would love to sit at the feet of some of these “successful and effective” Gamaliel’s and learn from them and apply those learnings to see God’s Kingdom ADVANCE.  I am willing to even pay but the economy has hit our church hard and spending is not happening now or anytime in the near seeable future.  Maybe I am just whining and just need to man up, but why do we charge for God’s eternally free truth?  why?

my resolve is to offer whatever learnings I have to anyone who cares to listen (or read) for free!!  It’s a Kingdom Thing!!  All for the kingdom, say aye!!  c’mon man.




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