Invest & Invite, and Invite, and Invite!!!

I like to read other pastors blogs from time to time not b/c I need to go to sleep ( I know some people would be like what the ?, another pastor’s blog…c’mon man!! ).  well, mostly b/c I am always desiring to learn from others and even more mostly b/c most others are a lot smarter than me – ha!

I recently read one that I thought was great, so here is some practical advice from him (michael lukaszewski) on ideas (no copyrights in heaven on ideas) for inviting people to worship with you…check it out and pick a few to try….remember the harvest is ready, we just need workers…

“… one of the primary reasons were here is to share and live the Gospel and invite people to join His kingdom.  Since the church is the display of God’s glory on earth, and since Jesus said HE would build His church, we believe the church should be central to our lives and faith.  So inviting people to our church is part of our core mission.  Here’s forty great ways you can invite people to our church.

  • Grill out for the employees of a company or business.
  • Dress up like a Star Wars character wherever there are people and take pictures with kids and families.  Give them a special invite card with the location they can download the picture.  You will have a blast and invite a bunch of people to church. (let me know if you do this, i would like to take a picture w you)
  • Tailgate at high school football games.  Give away hot dogs and invite people.
  • Set up a moonwalk at a local park while events are happening.
  • Volunteer at community runs and bike races
  • Hand out coffee or hot chocolate at local events.
  • Give out hand warmers at winter events like the Christmas parade
  • Do a free oil change.
  • Host a UFC fight party.
  • Host a block party for your neighborhood.
  • Provide “full service” at a local gas station – wash windows and leave a car freshener
  • Show free family movies in your yard and invite your neighbors
  • Help local schools with their fall festivals.  Instead of re-creating the wheel, just help a school make their event better.
  • Take professional pictures at local school talent shows
  • Visit a nursing home
  • Take a couple of hours and put out door hangers in your neighborhood.
  • Go put invite cards on car windshields.  Try not to get arrested…that keeps it fun.
  • Be intentional about coaching a kids sports team.
  • You and your kids set up a lemonade stand.
  • Have a free garage sale…give away things and invite people to church
  • Do a free car wash
  • Walk around a neighborhood and collect canned food.  Invite people to church while asking for food.
  • Hand out helium balloons at special events
  • Get a truck, ladder and a bunch of light bulbs and walk around and ask people if they need light bulbs changed.
  • Set up a bounce house at the movie theater when a big kids movie premiers.  Or in front of another store.  Managers are often open to anything that draws attention to their store.
  • Put out road signs on the weekend (did you know about 15% of people who attend our church for the first time do so because they saw a road sign?)
  • Put a giant sign in the back of your truck.  Politicians do it – our cause is way more important!
  • Give away silly bandz anywhere there are kids.
  • Enter a float in one of the parades.  Walk along side it and give away candy and invites.
  • Take breakfast to school teachers.  Simply email the principal and ask if you can do it, set a day, and make it happen.
  • Salt driveways when it ices during the winter.
  • Help with field days at a local elementary school.  What school wouldn’t appreciate volunteers?
  • Take food to fire stations.  Let them know you appreciate them and that they are always welcome at your church.
  • Valet cars when a school has an open house.
  • Provide childcare for high school graduations.
  • Cook team meals before home games at local sporting events
  • Pass out candy and invites at your own house on Halloween.

Better yet…come up with your own idea, get your friends or group involved, and make it happen.  Let us know how we can help and how it goes!!”


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