God’s economy is not experiencing recession, and other learnings…

I was blessed yesterday to attend the Take Out Conference at Northstar Church.  It was a great day!  We had the privilege to learn from some really sharp leaders, like Mike Lynch, Pastor of Northstar, Jeff Henderson, pastor of Buckhead Church, Joe Sangle, financial guru from Newspring church, and many others.  And one of the coolest parts was they did the conference for free!!  Awesome!!  Some of our volunteer leaders were planning to attend and I went along with them, it was great to learn alongside them, be encouraged, develop our relationships more, and gain knowledge and wisdom for the road ahead for leading our church to take the Gospel out to the community through community ministry.

There we several things that I learned and I wanted to post them today for other’s learning pleasure:


is more of a team sport than a person sport!  when vision is 1 persons job then you put a lid on the movement

“vision casters are vision carriers and vision carriers are vision casters”

ask this question everyday, “what did I do today  to cast vision for our church”

“start where you are, do what you can, use what you have”

“dont inform me, inspire me”


“do not assume people will show up, you “go” to them, a religious system says, “ya’ll come to us”, a Jesus system says, “we’ll go to you”

“under promise, over deliver”

“serve to be heard”

“what would it be like if our church wasn’t there in our community?”  “saddens my heart to even think such a thing” (quoted by a principal of an elementary school)

“be inspiring, encouraging, giving, and provide opportunities”


an uncommon ministry has:  uncommon leadership, vision, God dependence, heart, & committment

an uncommon resolve comes from confidence in God’s reality, God’s reliability, God’s resources, & God’s representatives

uncommon commitment asks, “what will it take” instead of “what do I have left”

Leading a church to be generous requires being defiant with vision, leadership and confidence, it also requires a laser focus, a call to action and clear instructions


“I want to see the book of Acts come to life in my lifetime”

-our church “will” fund our vision

-God’s economy is not experiencing recession

-we must provide relevant ways to give!

-we must teach giving in some way, every week, month, and year!!


Well, I hope you got something from those, i encourage you to check out the conference page and get the mp3’s.



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