take a “cs” step of faith!!

so i was at this conference the other day, Velocity, it was great.  I always love to grow in leadership and personal growth, so getting some intake was huge.  Well, while there, one of the speakers said, “take a cs step of faith”.  you’re probably like me and the majority of the conference attendees…”what is a cs step of faith?”

Well, he said a cs step of faith is a “crack-smoking” step of faith!!  Dude, it was so funny!!  Everyone just cracked up.  It was hilarious!!

Well, I totally stole it this past Sunday and said it at our church and didn’t get quite the same reaction!!  in fact, right after i said it, I then said, “I could tell you weren’t ready for that”.  Truthfully, a lot of people liked it, but I think there were others that just didn’t know what to do with it!!  Well, the younger crowd thought it was awesome, and honestly, so did I!

Truth is, it really spoke to me b/c I have listened to “nay-sayers” a bit too much and even talked myself out of taking big steps for God and His Kingdom.  I really want to have a great faith, b/c great men have great faith!!  Abraham didn’t know where he was going and just went.  Gideon defeated over 100k soldiers with just 300 soldiers using lamps, jars, and horns instead of the normal swords.  I want that kind of faith that will believe and act on that belief.

So, I told all that to a ministry friend today over burgers and fries at 5 guys and he just looked at me and said…”so, what are you gonna do?”  I love this guy b/c he speaks truth to me and just lays it out there…”so, what am I gonna do….”

I guess just believe…”Lord, help my unbelief”



2 Responses to “take a “cs” step of faith!!”

  1. Kathy P Says:

    I read the following this morning and it reminded me of your post.

    “God’s methods are something like our high school science classes, which combine both lecture and lab. We have lecture when we probe the Scriptures in search of God and learn of Him from teachers, pastors, and books. But just as theory alone will never produce a great scientist, so sound theological ideas detached from life will not make a good theologian. Our Father will never be content for us to know Him in the abstract.”

    Next time God sends one of those labs my way in the form of a trial or a step of faith he wants me to take will I pass or fail? How will I respond?

  2. Wow Mike,

    We all need a dose of “CS” faith! Man, I feel so weak in my faith all too often, but then I thank God that He has called me into His ministry and keeps kickin’ me in the spiritual pants. I feel like my steps are baby steps compared to the giants of the faith. Bro, that’s awesome that you have some good men to speak truth into your life, keep up the good work for Jesus dude!

    Your bro!


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