Multiply…Make Disciples or get out of the way!

It’s no secret that I am a pretty driven person.  I pretty much have an innate mantra of  “go strong, or go home” and it will probably be the thing that takes me out.  I ‘m even this way when I drive, (not always, but most of the time), I just cannot seem to be ok with driving behind someone.  I have to be in the front, maybe I should of been a NASCAR driver – Ha!

Jesus gave us one of the greatest missions of all time…Make Disciples!!  This command, known as the “Great Commission” in church world, is ‘THE’ mission of the church, not a good idea, not another program, not an issue of convenience, but “THE” mission of each and every person saved by the blood of Jesus.   I am amazed at how many people just-don’t-get-it!!

So many people have the wrong idea.  They just “go to church” sit and soak, week after week and never lift a finger or roll their sleeves up to serve and actually help an assembly of Christ Followers fulfill their mission.  They don’t give of the money Jesus gave them.  They don’t pour their life into someone else.  They don’t let people beyond the veneer of their so-called faith, they don’t…they don’t… they don’t.

To those individuals….I say….you are not helping the movement of multiplication called making disciples.   So, Multiply…make disciples, or get out of the way!!

There is a movement of disciple making  in Walton County called Crossroads Church.  Don’t stand in the way of the movement, remember, I (we) go strong, I (we) are driven, if you stand in the way…you just might get run over.  Better yet, here’s a suggestion, join us!!

I desperately, desperately, desperately want the church to “be” the church.  I want the church, you and me, to fulfill our destiny…to make disciples of every resident of Walton County or die tryin!!  Multiply or die!!  It’s our mission!!


2 Responses to “Multiply…Make Disciples or get out of the way!”

  1. Dave Reese Says:


    I know what it feels like to have that driven personality. I have lived my whole life on a mission to succeed. My problem was that success was achieving what I wanted. What a long and exhausting path that can be! That drive and often a “wrong” focus has cost me dearly and I still deal with some of those consequenses. I want to thank you, Crossroads Church and a special shout out to Keith for showing me how being driven can be a good thing when it is for the right cause….”The Kingdom of God!” Your ability to teach God’s word and the love and support I get from my friends at Crossroads has and is changing my life!

    So take heart my man…..your mission/Crossroads mission is succeeding! I’m sure there are others out there that have been impacted as well and just haven’t shared. Keep up the awesome work!


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