Great and Sad Day!!

Today was a great day at Crossroads Church of Walton County!  We are doing this “MAN” series right now called, on deMANd, its all about leadership is on deMANd, and today was about romance on deMANd.  how fitting right?!

Well, it was an awesome day!!  tons of energy, great attendance, praise and worship was amazing (our band is awesome), and it was great.  if you missed it, go online and listen to it.  We gave out the top 10 leadership decisions men make b/c ladies want to be led- it was funny.  we recognized the marriage that had been together the longest, 46 years!!!  AMAZING!! And we recognized the newest of newlyweds, 4 days married!!  Incredible!!  we gave out special gifts to widows and single moms and dads, we had a Newcomers lunch, with the highest attendance ever, close to 40, PRAISE GOD!!

On top of that I got to love on my ladies, who are, my wife, and my 2 daughters.  I love them with all my heart.  I made them all cards and got something unique for each one.   For the love of my life, my wife of 25 years this year, I made her a card and wrote out 100 things I love about her on strips of paper she is to read each day for the next 10o days and we are going away to a bed and breakfast next weekend thanks to my staff for the christmas gift.  I got rach a stuffed animal and extra large hersheys kiss, and i got meg some roses and since she didnt come home this weekend, i went to her and surprised her at her dorm then we went to eat and talk.

After all that I still got to see the end of the Daytona 500, what an awesome, great day!!

As great as that was, there was some sadness as well.  I found out about another family Satan is destroying within our church.  Breaks my heart!  I hate the Devil!!  I HATE THE DEVIL!!  Sometimes men and women can be so dumb, thinking that their at odds with the other person, or the other spouse is the problem…that is sssoooooo not the truth, we are at odds with the devil, his demons and his schemes, not each other, just read Ephesians 6:10.  So Sad!!  So Sad!!

I am not going to let that take from the day though!  It was still a great day!!  I hope you had a great day too!!

with love,



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