Daniel Fast-Day 3 Devotional – “ask Him”

Today I am studying at home.  Lord willing I will be writing the message for the 24th in just a bit.  So, as you pray today, I ask for your prayers, for God’s Spirit to fill me and guide my heart and mind to write and say what He wants Crossroads to hear.

Several things jumped out to me in today’s Scripture reading, so, I find it hard to discern which one the Lord is impressing on me the most to write about.   I think it is from Matthew.  the text reminds us how busy the Lord was going from town to town, house to house, need to need.  It seemed every time He turned someone was wanting something from Him, needing Him to do something, heal someone, etc.

Verse 35 tells us Jesus was all about living for the Kingdom and meeting people’s needs.  He saw the crowds and had compassion on them.  if I am honest, when I see a crowd, I am not moved with compassion.  I see the crowd as an obstacle.  I don’t like crowds.  I try to avoid them at all costs.  People get in my way, He saw the potential harvest, I often see the potential headache…..if I am honest…just sayin!  I wished I had Jesus’ eyes.  Don’t you?  So many times I feel I am “so busy”, that I cannot attempt to meet another need, I cannot possibly serve in another way, but such thoughts don’t line up with the example of our Lord.

Satan and his cohorts have deceived the minds of men and women and that is why they (often you and me), are confused, helpless, and like lost sheep.  why wouldn’t Jesus feel compassion, it was for them, you, and me for whom He came.  Lost, looking for purpose, pursuing glory in all the wrong things within the wrong kingdom.

This is what makes the Harvest potentially great and large.  Many need the message, life changing truth of who Jesus is and what Jesus has done to set them free from the limiting, self-non-satisfying, non glorifying pursuits.

the problem today is not much different than it was when Jesus was ministering.  there seemed to be a shortage of servants and kingdom workers.  Just like our church, Crossroads, Jesus needed more servants, workers and volunteers too, this amazes me.

I asked someone last weekend, “how did they become such a high-capacity volunteer”?  (I asked this b/c they do ALOT, I mean ALOT)  I said I need to know, so I can go to work on producing more like you.  do you know what their answer was… something to the effect of “that is just who they were”.  I can’t produce that.  I can’t make more like that, I need the formula.  how can I get more people to give of themselves, busy or not, to live their lives for God’s Kingdom, no matter how many needs exist?

Jesus said, pray.  no formula.  just pray.  the Lord is in charge of the harvest, so, ‘ask Him’ to send more to serve in “HIS” fields.  whose fields?  HIS fields, not mine.  Ask Him.  so simple.  how do I miss these things?  So, I resolve to not just let Monday’s ‘biggie’ prayer item be Monday’s prayer item.  So, I will ask, and continue to ask Him, the Lord of the Harvest to send more servants into His fields.  I am asking Him to send me, and you.  Will you ask with me?

Lots of love and prayers, have a great day worshipping and connecting to our Lord while fasting…blessings!



2 Responses to “Daniel Fast-Day 3 Devotional – “ask Him””

  1. Todd Parker Says:

    Two days in and I am tired of tofu. But it taste like chicken–no it doesn’t. It takes on the flavors around it–no it doesn’t, it simply has no taste. Its marshmallows without the sugar. But the reality is in the time it took to read this, three children around the world just died from hunger. One in ten families in America will go hungry today–because they have no choice. Lord, when I think about the crowds–help me remember the crowds of people that would devour what we reluctantly consume. Not just food, but the freedom to immerse ourselves in God’s Word. People thirst for God’s word, and we squeeze out a few minutes to check off Bible time. I pray that the Lord changes me to crave the Word, the true food of life. To crave it the way a parched man craves water.

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