Daniel Fast – Day4-Devotional “the blessed life “

“God has blessed me b/c of you”, Laban told Jacob. (30:27)

A Christian’s influence touches all those around them.  Could it be that sin has been held back in some people’s lives because of your faith?  Could it be your Godly behavior has led others to be good moral people?  Could it be that your employers have made more money and had more profits because of your strong work ethic b/c you do your work as unto the Lord?  God blesses us and in turn those blessings overflow into others lives.  If you and I were removed from life as we know it, what influence would take over?  If all the Christians were gone, would crime increase?  Would immorality be worse?  Would politics and governments be more corrupt?

We will probably never know this side of heaven how our lives as followers of Jesus have actually blessed those around us.  I love Philippians 2:14-15, which say, “Do everything without complaining and argueing, so that no one can criticize you, live clean innocent lives as children of God, shining like bright lights in a world full of crooked and perverse people”.

It sure is easy to complain how hungry I am or how cold it is, or why my heat doesn’t heat my house very well, or my head cold, or…..the other million things I complain about.  I could be homeless, bleading, trapped in rubble b/c of an earthquake like the thousands in Haiti.  I live a pretty much blessed life, no, in fact, I live a very blessed life, I have nothing to complain about.  I have no idea who the Laban’s are in and around my life, but I am sure they exist.  They are blessed b/c God has and is blessing me.  And You!

The average per capita income in Haiti is $560 a year.  More than half the world’s population lives on less than $1 a day.   We are soooooooo blessed!  The Bible says that no man lives for himself.  We are blessed to be a blessing.  God’s presence in our lives will, almost by default,  make a difference in lives around us, but how much more of a blessing could we be if we intentionally blessed others out of the abundance of our blessings?

I have enjoyed reading your comments, and hearing your stories.  Please keep them coming they are very encouraging and exciting and some are just plain funny.  Hang in there.  God is working…don’t forget today’s prayer item, it goes right along with our current series.  love you all, and praying for you…



2 Responses to “Daniel Fast – Day4-Devotional “the blessed life “”

  1. Steve Nelson Says:

    As I start day 4 of the fast I find myself strangely at peace and content. The first couple days where rough though, bad headaches, nausea etc. But I realized as I was suffering or thought I was suffering that Jesus suffered and died on the cross for me and the least I could do is seek his will and grow spiritually by going through the Daniel Fast. I am praying that the next 17 days will rid me of my lack of faith and that God would grow me and the people of Crossroads into believers that God will use to love and serve the people of Walton County into a relationship with Jesus Christ.

  2. Todd Parker Says:

    Amen Mike. It is so easy to complain about what is really nothing, when you compare it to what others deal with every day. There is a person in my work life (I will call him Bob) where I used to ask God, why do you continue to saddle me with this person. He complains about everything and yet lives a blessed life and any drama in his life is of his own creation. Last year through my Blackberry prayer calendar I started for my small group requests, I have added prayers for many people in my life–especially Bob. I pray for more love and compassion for Bob.

    It started more as “God make me more loving toward Bob, followed by a but.” Now I ask God, help me love Bob more freely and where in my life am I being Bob. It’s like the old addage, “There’s just something about THAT guy that I can’t stand about ME.”

    Lord, I thank you for placing Bob in my life. And I thank God for my small group. By praying for my small group, my daily prayer grows weekly. I always feel so moved to pray for the gift of salvation for so many people in my life and family. I pray for the future spouses of our children–that they will be people who love the Lord with all their heart, mind, soul and strength. And yes, always pray for Mike, the staff and all of leadership for God’s care strength and wisdom.

    I look forward to what God will reveal to me in the remaining 17 days through scripture and prayer.

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