Daniel Fast -Day 2 Devotion – “God in the mix”

I found another resource for you.  Actually, Zach found it and let me in on the know.   There is a link to it off our website, www.come-see.com go to the “resource” link on our home page and you will see it there along with some other info and the prayer calendar.  i hope your first day went well.  i want to encourage you to rest in the Lord, trust in Him, not asceticism (rigorous self-denial), fasting is a discipline and nothing more than a means to an end, not the end…keep this in mind.

I have an awesome praise to share.  Remember Sunday in worship I mentioned God blessed us with “almost” all of our goal of $8000 for our ‘next step’ with our property/building?  I said we were $129 short of our goal and jokingly asked “who would take care of that by writing a check today?”  Well, …you know where this is going right… God took care of it in a BIG way!  about 6 different people gave to meet that need which puts us over our goal by $659!!!  How about that!!??  God is already moving in a powerful way in our lives and church, and I am so excited!!  Greater things are yet to come and greater things are yet to be done…booyah!!

As I read today’s reading in Genesis I couldn’t help but wonder how God uses all the deception, lying, stealing, anger and hatred within the household of Isaac and Rebekah to accomplish His purposes??  I remember reading just a day or two ago that when Rebekah was pregnant she was troubled by the restlessness in her womb and questioned God about it.  The Lord told her that the twins in her would struggle in birth and life and the “older would serve the younger” (ch.25).  So, he predicts the outcome found in our reading today as well as the future, but it seems that all the deception, lying, anger and hatred that later sets things in motion for Jacob to become, Israel, and the father of the 12 tribes, one of which the Messiah would come.  How does God use all that bad to bring about the ultimate good for all of mankind?

Honestly, I don’t know!  I really don’t.  The whole thing is a mystery to me.  I wish I had the answer for you and myself.  But i don’t!

One scripture that provides comfort to me though is Romans 8:28, “and we know that God causes everything to work together for the good” .  I don’t believe God authors sin.  But i do believe He can still use the circumstances resulting from sin and bring about good things.  He is so in the mix and in control of it all.  I don’t know about you, but I am very grateful for that, in fact, I am counting on it.

Of course, it’s not a license to do what i want…”oh, it will be ok if i just __________, God will work it all out for good”.  such an approach would reveal alot about who i really am and where I really am at.  But I am so grateful, that He is in control, and my sin, which is alot, doesn’t throw Him off course.  He is so patient with me, I don’t understand it, but I am glad for it.  Aren’t you?!  why not bow in prayer right now and praise Him for His faithful patience!

Don’t forget today’s prayer item on the prayer calendar.  I am praying for you!



One Response to “Daniel Fast -Day 2 Devotion – “God in the mix””

  1. Angie Keaton Says:

    Yayyyyy..God!! That is incredible. He is already answering our prayers in amazing ways!!!!! It is an awesome thing to think of 87 people all fasting, praying and seeking God’s face. What power! The enemy will NOT like this at all, so we must stand firm and be alert! My prayer and hearts desire for the next 21 days is to draw even closer to my Lord and to renew in me a passion and vision for the things that are close and dear to Him – people! Making disciples! Praying for all of you! Love you Crossroads!

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