Breaking your fast

Breaking a fast the right way is very important.  Especially, if you have been fasting like we have for the past 21 days.  Your body has undergone many changes over the past 3 weeks.  There is more going on biologically then you realize!!  When you don’t eat anything but a clean, fresh diet (fruit and veggies), the worst thing you could do is go eat a big steak or anything heavy or rich.  If you have been following the Daniel Fast regimen, then by now, your digestive system has been less active than before.  You may have digested foods faster, but your system has slowed way down.  To introduce big quantities and heavy rich foods would actually be “painful”, not to mention cause major digestive problems for several days.


There are many websites you can visit, just google, “how to break a fast”, where you will find many suggestions and ideas, as well as cautions.  Most information sources suggest a light “re-entry”.  If you are craving meat, it would be better to eat light, clean meat, like fish, turkey, or chicken.


Another thing to consider when breaking a fast,  is what today’s devotion below addresses.  Don’t undo what God has shown you and revealed to you during your time of fasting.  Don’t’ go back to “indulging” your flesh.  So, just a few suggestions, but if you want more, then do the google search.


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