Daniel Fast – LAST DAY!!!

Day 21 – John chapter 21


Back to normal?


“Simon Peter said, “I’m going fishing.” “We’ll come, too,” they all said. So they went out in the boat, but they caught nothing all night.  John 21:3-NLT



In John 21, the Lord had been crucified, then resurrected.  In the last 40 or so days between the crucifixion and the ascension, Jesus was randomly showing up and visiting with His disciples.  Peter, along with some of the other disciples had gone back to fishing. This is what they knew best prior to Jesus’ ministry and something at which they were successful, or so they thought!.


Sometimes we get impatient, waiting for something we know God has promised. During that time, we go back to what we were good at, or what we thought was the thing to do, only to find it’s just not the same.  Tomorrow, what will you do as far as your spiritual life is concerned?  For the last 21 days, you have sought the Lord, prayed, fasted, connected to Him, talked to Him, read His Word (Gospel of John) and Lord willing, grown closer to Him.  What will you do tomorrow?  Life back to normal?  Back to gluttony and eating for you glory vs. His?  Will you go back to what you were before our Daniel Fast?  I hope not. 


I pray that you will not –THIS TIME- identify with the disciples, and “go back to what you were doing before”!  if you do, I pray that you, like the disciples will find that it just isn’t the same and you don’t find success there apart from the Lord.  But if you do, I pray the Lord will reveal Himself to you once more and let you know that your way will not work.  You will need to listen to Him, and do what He says to do, and then find success.  That is what the disciples did.  They were fishing but “caught nothing”.  Only when they listened to Jesus and followed His instructions, were they successful.  But then, they left that success to go hang out with Him on the beach.  Why?  Because He changed their lives.  Life “back to normal” just did not seem as it once did.  I pray yours doesn’t either!!


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  1. Hey I love this blog. I can see the time and effort put into this.. Thanks!

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