My Learnings…

God has been teaching me a lot these past 3 weeks.  One of the biggest things He revealed to me, was that when I fast, I don’t do it to get answers.  Actually, this is what I do, in fact, this is often what will motivate me to fast.  I will feel like I don’t know what to do about something, like about the land deal, or what is our next teaching series, so, I will fast and seek an answer.  Now, there is nothing necessarily all that wrong with that approach, but, the Lord just revealed to me, that I don’t need to fast just to get “my” answers, I need to fast to connect to Him, I need to fast to get closer to Him, not satisfy my agenda, so much.  This breakthrough was a huge for me!  I pray I don’t forget it.


Another thing He revealed to me, actually, reminded me, was just to actively deal with my personal sin.  We all have “our issues”.  Well, I have mine also.  No matter how great or small (as we perceive it), sin is sin, and it breaks our relationship with Jesus.  Sometimes, I just get “comfy” with my sin and I don’t “actively” fight against it.  Well, for the last several days, and it has taken almost 2 and a half weeks to make me see this, I have had to deliberately take several thoughts captive, often “as they were happening”, and actually, quote scripture, redirect my thoughts and focus elsewhere.  Sometimes successful, other times not.  Thank God it’s a process, and about progression, and not perfection.


I fail often, and I am thankful for Grace…because if it were up to me to be successful in the Christian life, I would be doomed!!


I have been grateful for this time of fasting.  I have grown closer to my Lord and experienced “breakthrough’s” as described above.  I pray you have also…..


If you have not yet read “How to break a fast”, check out the info below….God bless!!


2 Responses to “My Learnings…”

  1. Shawn R Says:

    God has definitely drawn me closer to Himself during this fast. I have fasted before, but this time I kept my focus on God whenever a craving hit. In previous fasts I think I focused more on what I was missing than on what I hoped to gain. God has also drawn me closer to my goal (and His) of making disciples. Even today He brought to mind several opportunities in the last couple of days that I missed. Though this makes me sad, I am glad that now He knows I am ready to be a builder of disciples. Hopefully my awareness is up and I won’t miss the next opportunity He presents. I’m beginning to see opportunities are all around me. In addition to this, God has also made my quiet times with Him each morning much sweeter. I have found myself spending more and more time with Him. I certainly don’t want to return to life as usual. I am praying my focus will remain on Him each and every moment of every day.

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