Stay-Cations dont work!!

have you ever taken time off from work but didnt go anywhere?  i have heard that term called a “stay-cation”.  well, i had leftover vacation, well, ok, it really wasnt ‘leftover’ time, just time I was not smart and/or disciplined enough to take off during the “whole dagum year!

so, i crammed it all in these 2 weeks here at the end of the year as a “stay-cation”.  well, my experience is teaching me that they just dont work!!  or it could be that i am just not disciplined enough to completely disconnect, idk, either way a stay-cation is not really a vacation in my opinion.

so, what is the learning??  well, other than what i have already said, i guess i am learning that Lord willing in the next couple of weeks, i will sit down with Ang and plan our family vacation on the front side of the calendar dates.  Before we get busy with everything and everybody else, family first!!

i hate learning the hard way!!


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