A Keaton “Ghetto Fabulous Crimas”

Well, its the day  after Christmas and i hope everyone had a great one with their family and friends.  For the Keaton household this Christmas has been given a theme my our oldest daughter…”A Ghetto Fabulous Crimas”.  This theme sort of evolved as we were unpacking all the Christmas stuff and setting up the tree.  Basically, everything, well not everything, that’s an exaggeration, but a lot of our stuff is old and broken and needs “riggin” to work, so the first was the tree stand, then it was the lights, it seems we dont have a single strand that half of it doesnt work!  so at the last minute we are running out looking for a new stand and lights, only to find a single box of lights, that we “uniquely wrappend around the tree to make it look like we had a lot!

Ont top of that the house lights outside are colored icicle lights and you know how that goes, one bulb goes out and you lose a foot of lights, so, we have a foot here and a foot there and two feet over here that are not working…looks good on the house!!

Not only that but the manger scene we have is awesome b/c its older than me, my mom and dad made it when they first got married, its ceramic and has a lot of history to it, i used to put it up as a kid, so, b.c its so old things like the donkey’s ears are broke off, the cow only has one horn and the tips of the angels wings are broke!!

Christmas, or i guess for this post i should say, “Crimas” eve was Keaton interesting…we had a Christmas eve service, which actually was amazing and cool, but on the way to our family’s house to eat and open gifts and hang out, we ran out of gas!!  we had two cars following us and my son calls and said, “hey, i dont think i have enough….”, then ran out of gas.  it was pouring down rain, so we were out in the rain pushing this car around.  we decided to ditch it on the side of the road and head on and deal with it later.  we got the gas can out of the trunk, b.c he does this so often that he carries a can with him, and went on then later tried to find a gas station open, on Crimas eve, and get 1 gallon of gas.  so we did and went back to the car and put it in and b.c the car was facing downhil it would not crank and stay running.  i was told the car needed to be facing uphill, apparently b.c 1 gallon of gas isnt enough to work the other way, so here we go again pushing a car around in the rain on a busy highway at 11pm…ghetto fabulous!!

Christmas day went off w.o a hitch for the most part, except most of what i got is the wrong size, but that’s ok, i can go back to the store and stand in line with everyone else who is full of Crimas cheer!!!  it should be fun!!  We pretty much just lazed around after a big breakfast, working on a 1000 piece puzzle, b/c i dont have enough challenge in my life, and we watched a movie…the original BATMAN, the one i grew up with, with Adam West and Burt Ward, it was great, but my kids thought it was terrible, honestly, by today’s movie making standards it was, but it was still cool, i loved that batmobile!

We finished off the night with some fun playing Wii.  My brother and his family got one, it was awesome, i had never played Wii before…tennis, boxing, bowling, it was great, believe it or not my arm is sore like i actually played real tennis!!  We gotta get one!!

Well, i think my daughter, Meg, pegged it right, a keaton fabulous crimas.  2009 will always be remembered.  it was good.  hope your’s was too!!  Merry Crimas, and Happy New Year!!


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