Daniel Fast – day 18, wed.

We only have a few days left…if you have not yet posted what the Lord has revealed to you or how you have grown to another level spiritually, I want to encourage you to do so.  I will be posting my learnings toward the end of the week of what the Lord has been teaching me.  I will also be posting how to break a fast, because you don’t want to immediately go back to eating like you did before the fast that would be painful!!  Not to mention the spiritual damage.  Well, enjoy today’s devotion and reading, it was a great chapter…



Day 18 –John chapter 18


Hearing from God


Prayer provides us an opportunity to seek God and invite His power and presence in our lives. Yet it demands that we come to God with authenticity. We call it “getting real” with Him. There is a place in prayer that we all come to – the line of truth – truthfulness within ourselves and truthfulness with God. At this place, the decision is simple – are we willing to stand with truth or hide from it? Are we willing to place everything on the altar and invite His inspection or shut our ears to His still, small voice?


Jesus answered Pilate’s questioning of His kingship with these words “everyone on the side of truth listens to me.” (John 18:37). In other words, we too will listen to him (openly invite and receive His Word into our lives) when we take the side of truth. This is the place of raw authenticity with God. This is the place where real change happens. 


Often, my experience has taught me that such a moment happens toward the end of a time of fasting.  Sometimes, the Lord wants us to come completely to the end of ourselves.  Only here is where we “can” be real with God.  Have you been hearing from God during this time of prayer and fasting?  If not, don’t despair, persevere to the end, you may be surprised how He meets you and speaks.  If you have, then, what else does God want to say to you?  Don’t miss a thing!!  Focus!!  Pursue Him, with full transparency before Him, fully open your heart to hear the truth and receive it in you, to be changed by it.  As you seek God with honesty, draw closer to this place of wholehearted truthfulness with Him. It is there He will speak… it is there you will hear.


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