Daniel Fast-Day 17, Tues.

Day 17 – John chapter 17


Deity is Praying


We know from the scriptures that Jesus would get alone with God and pray (Luke 5:16). Have you ever wondered what it would have been like to be a fly on the wall at one of those prayer sessions?


John was afforded the opportunity to be there when Jesus “looked toward heaven and prayed” (vs.1) this prayer. Can you imagine?  What did he hear, Jesus “talking” to The Father about their relationship, as Father and Son (vs.1-5).  Deity communicating internally -amazing!


Also, Jesus praying for John and for the rest of their team – for their protection, and that they may be one (vs. 6-19).


Jesus also prayed for their spiritual growth.  Don’t miss that, Jesus wanted them to be sanctified in the truth of the Word.  So, He prayed and asked the Father to grow them to be holy.  The Scriptures are the key for this because Jesus acknowledges that the Word is truth.  He is referring to Himself (John 1) and acknowledging that He wants us to grow closer to Him in likeness and relationship.  The difference that is made in our lives will impact others who will hear the message of the Gospel and believe (vs. 20-26).


As we come to an end to this season of prayer and fasting at the end of this week, ask yourself if you have grown closer to Him? Have there been any changes in you that will be lasting?  Have you had the opportunity to share with others what God has been doing in your life?  In two weeks we will cover this passage as we conclude our “Can We Talk” series, but having peeked into the prayer of Jesus today, which part of Jesus’ prayer speaks to you?


4 Responses to “Daniel Fast-Day 17, Tues.”

  1. Confession of sin is the correct place to start and I have been carrying a secret for 19 years and addiction for 19 years.. God has prepared me over the past 2 weeks of this fast to do some thing life changing.. He has dealt with my heart my mind and my soul and I had to come to him and let go of it.. So after 2 weeks of praying and understanding Gods will I have let go. God has it all under control. He has made this past 24 hours( I started on Monday morning) easier then it has ever been before when I tried to quit smoking. I have never made it this far so easily. I pray to God and I have wrote a list of other factors that are helping me let go.. There is a lot of work to be done. A lot of habits that I will have to break.. But the coolest thing is I am not alone in this.. Praise God!!

    • Shinnett, you are right, you are not alone, not only do we stand with you in prayer and support, but the Lord stands with you and in fact, He stands IN you, so you have supernatural, Almighty power to overcome this addiction!! i will be praying for you and so will our community of fasters! i am proud of you!!

  2. Angie Keaton Says:

    This is awesome, Shinnett. I agree with Mike – we stand with you in prayer, love and support. God is faithful!

  3. Angie O'Shields Says:

    Shinnett, I am praying for you! Thanks for sharing – God is Good!

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