Daniel Fast – Day 9-Monday, Feb. 16th

Day 9 –John chapter 9




“Go,” he told him, “wash in the Pool of Siloam” (this word means Sent). So the man went and washed, and came home seeing.” John 9:7 (NIV)


Right after Jesus announced that He was the light of the world, the Scriptures tell us of a man who was healed from his blindness in a strange yet spectacular way.  Jesus brought light to a man whose view was covered in darkness. He brought sight and clarity to one who could not see clearly on his own.  Do you ever feel like you are in the dark and can’t find your way?  Not sure what to do?  Which way to go?  What step to take next?


Don’t get lost in the clay and spittle; Jesus’ “process” may not always make sense, but it does produce what we all truly desire, and ultimately want – – Light where there is darkness, clarity when options clutter our view, and confidence to move forward in faith!  Remember, His ways are not our ways, and often His timing is not our timeline either.


Today, this same Jesus can bring clarity to your life and mine in a profound way as we seek after Him in prayer and fasting. You and I don’t know what lies ahead in 2009, or even next month. Yet we can have confidence that as we invite Jesus to lead us forward, let Him lead us, He will bring the clarity and vision that is only possible with Him and through Him.


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