Daniel Fast – Day 3 (Tuesday, Feb. 10)

Day 3 –John chapter 3

I am sure you are having many experiences during this time of fasting.  I recommend you record your learnings through this experience in a journal or page in your Bible, or somewhere.  Remember, we are on a journey, and it has just begun…persevere…God is moving!


Stepping Into the Light


Nicodemus was a religious leader, a member of the group of Pharisees. He confessed to Jesus that they knew He had been sent by God. Although he knew the truth about Jesus, it’s apparent he was still searching for more answers, as he came looking to Jesus to question Him. In the cover of darkness, Nicodemus was drawn to the light of Jesus Christ.


“All who do evil hate the light and refuse to go near for fear their sins will be exposed” John 3:20 (NLT)


Notice the first step to doing what is right is stepping into the light.  We become free from what holds us when we expose it to the light.  Often, we do not want to be in the spotlight. We feel exposed and vulnerable, but only in Jesus are we safe, and Jesus is the light. Whether it’s accepting Jesus for the first time, or perhaps confessing a hidden sin, when we choose to step into the light, an exchange takes place. We exchange our faults and our shame for the light of His mercy and grace. What is drawing you to the light of Christ?  Is there anything “hidden” in your life that Jesus is calling you to bring into the light? Is it your eating habits?  Is it some sort of immoral behavior?  Don’t be a Pharisee (hypocrite), hiding what is real.  Christ already knows, He just wants you to want Him.  His mercies are new and fresh every day.  Come to Him, step into “the” light.


4 Responses to “Daniel Fast – Day 3 (Tuesday, Feb. 10)”

  1. During my reading through John Chapter 3 today a verse jumped out at me and I read it over and over several times. It was John 3:30 HE MUST BECOME GREATER AND GREATER and i must become less and less. NLT

    I am going to quote this verse every time I start to struggle during this Daniel Fast (Journey).

  2. I have found myself wondering around the house aimlessly at night searching for my comfort as I relax before bedtime. Why am I looking in the fridge or the pantry? God has revealed so much to me about the things I have relied on as comfort instead of turning to him. When I am bored at night, why not spend time with him instead of filling the time with my TV and snacks? So I thought about this verse in today’s chapter John 3:27 “: A man can receive nothing unless it is given him from Heaven.” So, there it is. Whenever I need comfort food, why not choose God’s word for comfort instead of food or TV? Or is this a habit…why can’t saturating myself in God’s word become a habit?

    • mikekeaton Says:

      very powerful learnings Kevin. i praise God that He revealed this to you. be encouraged, God has revealed Himself to you because of your desire to seek Him. the more you seek, the more you find. the idea of God being a habit….hmmmm…i like the idea…no disrespect intended, but i hope He becomes a habit in all of our lives that we can never shake…i know that is what He would want…i am praying for you….

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