The Crossroads “Daniel Fast” Daily Devotional

Welcome to these daily devotions to coinside with our church’s “Daniel Fast”. I am praying that God will do amazing things in our lives over the next 21 days and in our church as a whole as we grow closer to the Lord in our personal relationships with Him through our collective efforts to pray, fast, read the Gospel of John and connect with Him through these daily devotions. I am praying for you!!! Blessings…

Day 1 – to accompany our daily Bible reading from John chapter 1
Hungry in Spirit

It’s one thing to hunger for physical food; it’s another to be hungry in spirit. When we crave food, we can easily grab a snack or consume a meal that satisfies us now, as we live in the temporal. However, when we are hungry in spirit, we become desperate for more of God, His presence, and His power as we discover living for the eternal and supernatural. But how do we fuel and feed our spiritual hunger?
“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” John 1:1 (NKJ)
The opening text of the Gospel of John introduces the Word as the source of life, our “source” of life. The Word was not only with God, it was God. The deepest hunger in our life is for Jesus Christ Himself, not should be, not ought to be, but IS.. In Jesus, we have the bread of life. He is the only one that can satisfy the true longings of our heart, your heart!
As the source of life, our “source” of life, God’s written Word is designed to fuel spiritual hunger. The Word brings strength, joy, hope, wisdom, contentment. He is a guide for our steps, a living and active source that searches and knows all things, a revealer of the character of God. He offers spiritual nourishment that only can fulfill the deepest cravings, your deepest cravings.
As we begin our 21 Days of Praying, Fasting, and Scripture reading, what are you hungry for? Stir up your spiritual appetite and feast on God, our Father, Jesus, our Lord, Spirit, our guide, through the, Word. Dig into the Scriptures, pray His Word aloud, and press into His presence.
Make sure to come here to the daily devotional of the book of John and may your spiritual hunger grow and be fed by Him, the Word…
I will post practical tips and helps for your fasting experience. We will be able to be united in a very unique way through this experience. I am praying for God to work in amazing ways in all of our lives. Here is a great site as a resource for your fasting….enjoy…
Pastor Mike…


5 Responses to “The Crossroads “Daniel Fast” Daily Devotional”

  1. Angie O'Shields Says:

    I know it is only Day 1, but I really want to experience this Fasting thing in a very real and spiritual way. However, I am hungry and I am feeling a little ill. What can I do to overcome that?

    Angie O

  2. Chuck Merritt Says:

    Now it is day 2,and I am feeling a bit hungry myself.I amtrying to press on.I am trying the two days a week fast.Try not to think about your physical hunger and focus on the task at hand.

    • mikekeaton Says:

      Hang in there Chuck…you are doing good…connect to Him, He will sustain you, spend time with Him in prayer and the Word. i am praying for you…

  3. As a student at Toccoa Falls College, where Bible studies become Bible homework and the dreaded chapter summaries of each chapter of the Bible are due, it is really easy to become stagnant and forget how fortunate I am to be able to study under some of the most intelligent professors about the only source of life. Lately, I have felt God pulling me out of my comfort zone where nothing is certain and I forget that He is in control. I decided to fast from frivolous internet sites, like Facebook, well mainly Facebook because I can waste hours doing nothing but being creepy by looking at other people’s profiles. I am truly excited about this opportunity to spend my free hours getting closer to Jesus, because my heart has truly missed my first love. I am not sure where God is leading me, but I know that he has HUGE plans for me, Toccoa Falls College, and Crossroads Church. Even though I’m away at college most of the time, Crossroads has changed my life, as well as the lives of my parents, and I thank everyone so much for making us know we have a family that loves us. Also, John is one of my favorite books in the the Bible. Smart man, that John. 😉

    As far as the hunger Angie is feeling, I know that water can satiate the hunger at least for a little bit. I am not sure if she is doing the absolute, normal, or partial fast, and to be truthful, I do not know the specifics of fasting, but I will definitely be praying for her!

    I love you all!


    • mikekeaton Says:

      i am proud of you for taking the steps you have been taking and especially with the fast. God will reveal Himself to you. Draw close to Him, and you can be sure He will draw close to you. He wants us to be in close relationship with Him. i am praying for you, and am glad you are a part of Crossroads!!

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