its’ a spiritual thing

i recently had lunch with another church planter / pastor friend and learned alot.  this is something i like to do, meet with other pastors who are at levels beyond myself and learn from what they are learning, what questions they are asking and challenges they are facing.  i do this b/c i  have an unquenchable thirst to grow as a leader.  it really is almost fanatical. 

Well, one of the things i learned (actually, was reminded) in that meeting was growing as a leader is a spiritual thing.  Yeah, there are practical ways to grow in leadership, read books, attend conferences, etc, etc, but ultimately, its a spiritual thing.  God will perfect in me, what He began in me.  He will do this as i continue to walk with Him, pursue my personal relationship with Him, spend time with Him in His Word and prayer, and just drawing near on a daily basis. 

it’s funny to me, how just about everything in life boils down to some really basic things and this is no different.  Growing as a leader boils down to some really basic practices, reading the Bible and Praying.  i love to journal, fast, memorize and meditate on Scripture too.  it all boils down to spending time with the Lord.  the more i do that, the more he grows me, the more Holy Spirit leads me, the more i discover, the more i grow as a leader.  i will continue the other things too, conferences, podcasts, books, but ultimately, its a spiritual thing. 

i hope you experience the same.


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  1. Its your type A personality. 🙂

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