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A New Season

Posted in Learnings with tags , on March 25, 2015 by mikekeaton

The wisdom of the sage is this…

For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven: a time to be born, and a time to die, a time to plant, and a time to pluck up what is planted, a time to kill and a time to heal…

I am reminded of the song sang by the Byrds, “Turn, Turn, Turn” which was their way of saying the same thing…to everything there is a season!

Spring is on its way here in Georgia and its always beautiful!  I love it when the trees bloom!  The Dogwood trees will be blooming soon and I will be reminded of my mother, who always loved the Dogwoods and Spring in Georgia.  She is with the Lord now which makes these memories even more  special to me.  I felt I was moved to take this is a picture of a cherry tree in our yard in full bloom.  I wish these blooms would grow into fruit, but this tree is just for looks, but while in full bloom it is beautiful!  IMG_0309However, just as fast as the blooms were there, they are now gone.  There are some on the tree still but most have fallen to the ground, and to be honest, the beauty is almost all passed.

This is just an example of how quickly seasons come and go and a reminder to live in the here and now and enjoy God and all His  provisions.  This is not to say we should not look back or should not plan ahead.  The thing I am learning is to look back less, and to look forward more!  Even though, from a seasonal point of view, I prefer the Winter’s and the Holidays of that Season more than the heat and humidity of Summer in Georgia. Ugh!!

Me and my family are in a new season of life and ministry.  So much has changed in our lives.  The people that surround us are different, the community we live in is different, the jobs we have are different…to everything there is a season!

Our new season is just like the Cherry Tree, bright and beautiful, not just because of the new things, but because our Lord is Faithful and Good.  The new Season of Spring and the new season’s we find ourselves in life have this one constant…the Lord is with us!  He provides all we need, even the simple beauty of a tree in bloom to remind us of His Presence and Beauty, His Faithfulness and Goodness, and A New Season.  And, if the season we are experiencing is, by our determination, not so good, then it too, will soon pass, because…to everything there is a season!  Thanks to our LORD for this Hope!!

My challenge to myself and encouragement to others is…

look back less,

look ahead more,

and enjoy looking around constantly!!   🙂

Enjoy this Season!!