True Discipling

The other day I read an article about what is the measure of true discipleship?  check it out here

For the record I use the word ‘discipling’ for discipleship. I feel there are many views on discipleship and it might be just me but I feel the word discipling is unique and may convey the idea that is in my heart and minds eye.

Anyway, back to true discipling.  What is true discipling?  That’s a huge question.  I do think that discipleship is “THE” mission of the local church.  We should always be asking, “are we making disciples?” How do we know we are making true disciples?  The article referenced above suggests, when that disciple begins to make other disciples…in other words, when reproduction occurs.

That might be the measurement for the outcome or result and there could be others.  But how do I know when I am truly discipling?   Well, for me this question is being fleshed out in front of me right now.  The church where I am privileged to serve has experienced many changes.  There are many people that I have had the blessing to disciple that have moved on to other missions, churches, and cities.  Many of those individuals, in fact all of them, were quality people and great leaders.

The people that are here now, which include some who have hung around and many new ones, are the new crop of disciples that need to be discipled.  So the measure for me and true discipling is whether or not I am going to roll up my sleeves and get to work on developing them into who God wants them to become.  Actually, that is my calling, to make disciples.  I am guessing if I do my job and get others to join me in this calling, then in about 8-10 years, we will send those out and then there will be another brand new crop.

So, for me, the measurement of whether I am a true discipler is based on my faithfulness to the call and the mission of the church, no matter who is in front of me.

what’s your thoughts?


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