fear is faith’s opposite!

Fear is Faith’s opposite!!  I heard this loud and clear recently as I read a book by Bill Johnson that stretched me, called “When Heaven Invades Earth“.   I was reminded of this as a truth of Scripture just this morning.  I had a great time of connecting with the Lord and He really spoke to me.

I was reading Psalm 27 (I love to read at least a Psalm a day), and verse one just jumped off the page…”The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall i fear?  The Lord is the stronghold of my lfe of whom shall I be afraid?  Now, I have read this before but it just spoke to me…the Lord is my stronghold, my light, my salvation…why should I be afraid about anything???

If I’m honest, the times I experience the most fear is when I am trusting in me!  I often get afraid of not being a good leader, not knowing what to do, which direction to head in my own life and family but often in my leading of Jesus’ church…you know, the one He said that He would build…!!  It’s in these times that I experience doubt and a lack of confidence in myself, and rightly so, but the Lord…He is the stronghold, He is my ‘light’ (i always need light and direction), If I am trusting in Him, for what do I need to be afraid!!!

Two verses later (v.3), David says, even if an enemy army camped all around me, my heart will not be afraid, even in the fight he would be confident…not b/c of how great he is but how great “HE” is.

Again, 2 verses later, (v.5), David says, He will hide me, cover me, and lift me up.  He has great confidence in the Lord, what faith!

At the end of the Psalm, he simply says, “I believe“…, he makes the choice to believe, or exercise faith.  His faith overcomes his fear, b/c his faith is in who God is and what God has done and will do.

I saw this illustrated for me through the faith of a single mom.  (God is so good to teach us His truth through “live” examples).  I received an email from a single mom who said her son’s visa request to go on a year long mission trip to another country was rejected.  The challenging and scary part of this is that her son already left and was in the other country.  I tried to encourage her to trust in the Lord who already knew about these things and will use this to strengthen her faith…(I was thinking I was helping her out….ha!), she told me, “I believe that God has already worked this out”!!!!!   BOOM!!!  what faith, not fear, but faith because, the Lord is our stronghold, our light, our salvation…why fear?  why trust ourselves or anyone else, like a clerk in a visa office or whoever might work there…trust in the Lord and faith will overcome fear!!!

so simple right!?  yes.  the devil and his cohorts are stealing and robbing so many of us of our joy and freedom to live by faith, by distracting and deceiving us to focus on ourselves or someone/something else.  Fear is one of Satan’s biggest strategies and prisons.

Choose to believe!!!  We have the Lord!!!  why should we fear?


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