Overcoming discouragement and disappointment in ministry

Ministry is the weirdest emotional roller coaster ride!!  There are so many encouraging days and times and also many discouraging days and times.  My experience teaches me that both of those can happen in the same day!!   Weird!!

I was reading this morning in Proverbs, Psalms and Hebrews, which is the track I have been on lately.  Psalm 147 spoke to me about this disappointment issue.  Verse 10-11 say, “His delight is not in the strength of the horse, nor his pleasure in the legs of man, but the Lord takes pleasure in those who fear “him”, in those who hope in his steadfast love” (emphasis mine).

this idea of trusting in the Lord and focusing on Him is not new to any follower of Jesus and me especially.  it seems that this is a reoccurring learning of mine.  Since it reoccurs, i must not be “learning it” – 🙂  Just yesterday Psalm 146 said, “blessed is the man whose hope is the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth the sea and all that is in them…who keeps faith forever”.

Keeping Faith Forever, Hoping in the Lord, Fearing Him, & Hoping in His steadfast love…these are the keys to overcoming disappointment…discouragement  and other weird days of ministry.  God doesn’t trust in the power of horses nor in the abilities of men/women.  So, why should I?  But I must admit, I do…I do trust in people’s ability and the power of “things”, “events”, “a message series”, etc .  Consequently, they let me down and I get disappointed and then discouraged, then I cant help but wonder and ask sometimes…”what’s wrong with everybody”, and of course that kind of thinking takes me down a road that is not good, at all!

And as long as I do this, I will continue to experience more disappointment, more discouragement, and more weird days of ministry. Overcoming this is found in this phrase….”blessed [not disappointed and discouraged] is the man whose hope is in the Lord his God

Not a new idea, right?  How many times have we heard someone tell us, “trust in the Lord”, how many times have we heard God’s Word tell us the same?!  If that is not enough motivation, maybe this truth is…the kind of person the Lord takes pleasure in….is the one who Fears Him, who hopes in His love.

Everything always comes back to this foundational truth…pursuing the Lord, seeking HIM, is always, always better!!!

Feeling Better already!!!  🙂


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