a different kind of encouragement

i just wanted to share a link with you by which i think you will agree with me is a different kind of encouragement.  Many are aware of who Francis Chan is, pastor, speaker, author of two great books, which i have  really enjoyed and helped shake me up… here they are here.  if you have never read them, I HIGHLY encourage it!!  you can just click the image and order your own copy, believe me you will want one!

Well, i was having lunch with a ministry friend today and he told me about a blog post he recently read from Chan  and i read it and thought to share it here.  its a different kind of encourament b/c it’s not really like, “hey, hang in there through this trouble your in right now”, like we may think when we hear the word encouragement.  Instead, these “updates” posts on his blog are more like “perspective” encouragements, which is probably why I like his books and speaking so much.  Well, anyway, without further ado, here is the link to his updates section of his blog… Blog updates -read them, they are short, i think you will agree with me, they are a ‘different kind of encouragement!!  enjoy!!



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