Top 25 Learnings from 2010

Every year end/ year beginning I do a review of my leadership and life learnings by reading my journal entries and summarizing the top learnings for the year.  It is a discipline that I find helpful and encouraging.  I know it’s not for everyone, but I encourage everyone to do something like it every year.

For anyone interested here are what I have found to be the top 25 for me in 2010 from my journal.  (there could be more but you have to narrow it down to some # right?…)

1.  Negativity suck joy from me.  so, I shouldn’t be negative towards others, b/c when that happens, I lose joy!

2. I cannot wait until June of the year to “go away” on a prayer retreat

3. Holy Spirit is key for me to “see the movement” of God.  I must be Spirit-filled.

4. I need to regularly say this, “I will let you make that decision”

5. Some will “get it”, some will not!  God is sovereign & working where I cannot see, but is not working in everyone. (from Acts 17)

6. This one speaks for itself – Acts 18:9-10:

“Don’t be afraid, speak out.  Do not be silent, for I am with you and no one will attack and harm you, for many people in this city belong to me”

7. Discipline is key for me to stay focused!

8. Find faithful people to do life with and be friends with them

9.  God is the original seeker, He leads people to Himself!  (from the book of Ruth)

10.  I am only “1 mistake away from stupid”, so, do not compromise integrity or character (from a purity study in the book of Proverbs)

11.  My eating should be just as much an act of worship as anything I do on a Sunday A.M.

12.  Leading the people is about obeying God not pleasing the crowd (from studying the Kings of Israel and Judah)

13.  I don’t ever want to hear the Lord say what He said to Saul, “I am sorry I ever put you in leadership” (from 1 Samuel)

14.  “with Humility comes wisdom” – so, be humble and wisdom will follow – (proverbs)

15.  I am so inspired by David…he lived to honor the Lord and encourage the people…in that order, he led spiritually, “so that the people would know there is a God in Israel”…confidence in the people comes from leaders who are led by God.

16.  Humility and dignity before God…accepts God’s discipline and justice (from the life of David)

17.  God’s ppromises are backed by the honor of His name – (Psalm 138)

18.  The “good news” is that Jesus has made us right with God.  I need to tell this to everyone!  (from reading Romans)

19.  Giving frees me from worry and fear

20.  I must be non-hypocritical with encouragement and start at home!

21.  Discouragement starts with fear.  Discouragement ends with focus in action. (from life of Elijah)

22.  On Sept. 28, i chose to be happy, positive, joyul, and upbeat, full of passion, love and joy, to laugh and celebrate…I chose life…life abundant as it was meant to be and as it was given.

23.  The early church was continually “encouraged & strengthened” by Paul.  I want to be that for Crossroads.

24.  Don’t inform, inspire!

25.  I want to see the book of Acts come to life in my lifetime!!


Well, there they are, 25 of them, I am sure I have more, but those are the ones that really stuck out to me!!  I hope in some way they encourage you and challenge you.  Start right now, maybe with one of those new year resolution thingies, to plan to do this next year, start now by thinking…”where do I want to be this time next year?” and apply it to your life financially, spiritually, relationally, emotionally, physically and whatever else you can think of….

If you have some “top” learnings to share, i would love to hear about them, send me a message and let’s celebrate together what the Lord has done!!  Blessings…and Happy New Year



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