Pray for our Country!!

If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand” -NIV; -Mark 3:24

I was watching the news this morning and listened to the spin doctors express their views on the economy, President Obama’s popularity, and the fight for the Senate and Congress between Democrats and Republicans that will all climax this November.

I will admit, I was troubled.  Not so much by the “news” related to all those issues but by the division of our country and they way elected officials are fighting for power.  I do not presume to be smart when it comes to politics, so there is a lot I don’t know, but, our country is in trouble.

We do have a need for politicians and the goals they have for the people of our cities, counties, states, and country.  But there is a greater problem here that goes way beyond a quest for power of control of “seats” that I don’t hear anyone addressing.  I am not surprised by that though, because the issue is primarily a spiritual one and since our country has separated politics from religious beliefs, then one can understand why this issue is not being addressed.

The issue is unity!  In the above passage, Jesus clearly states that we are in a bigger trouble than we are admitting.  we will not be able to stand over the long haul…not because we are broke, even though that will have an effect, but mostly because we are a “kingdom” divided and such kingdoms fail.  what a sad reality.

in a lot of ways we are hoping for the republicans or President Obama, or even Democrats, or some other entity (stock market, etc.), to make the difference for the long haul for our country.  Not going to happen!  since America has divorced itself from God, we have made money our God and no man can serve both.  “

“God and money are total adversaries.  It is totally impossible for anyone to be totally committed to financial matters and have a hope of any serious commitment to God”-Gordon MacDonald

When ever we have a surplus of money we:

1- are always on the cusp of drifting away from God.

2-we have less to pray for and less of a dependence on Him.

3-are tempted toward the “myth” of self-sufficiency.

4-are forever fighting pride and losing humility.

These thoughts from a book I am reading right now resonate with me and with what I listen and watch on the news as it relates to where we are in our country.  It’s disheartening!

We must pray and pray hard for our country, our leaders, and ourselves, to return to God so that times of refreshing might come – Acts 3:19


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