Experts for nothing!!

But the Pharisees and experts in religious law rejected God’s plan for them, for they had refused John’s baptism. -Luke 7:30-NLT

This verse really jumped out to me in a quiet time recently.  I don’t think it is a secret that the Pharisees (really pious and legalistic self-righteous religious types) of the New Testament, were thought very highly of by Jesus.  They were as the verse says “experts in religious law”, actually the Mosaic Law.  In other words they “knew” a lot about the Scriptures.

But isn’t it ironic that they “knew” a lot, but it didn’t do them any good?  I’m thinking they didn’t “know” as much as they thought they did!!

Unfortunately, many times, we, you, me, are guilty of the same thing!  I heard someone say once, “we are educated beyond our obedience”.  It’s true.  Most of us “know” more than we apply!  Here’s an example:  would you say you should exercise more and eat less?  Well, do you?  The majority of us would have to admit that we don’t exercise like we should and that we eat way too much!! (hopefully that is not true of you-right now I am thankful I exercised this morning and have eaten pretty good today – whew!), anyway, the point is, what good is that knowledge doing you?

I asked someone once, “what difference is Jesus making in your life today?”  I was a little surprised to see the individual struggle with an answer…in fact the answer that was given was…”well, I’m thankful He saved me”.  Now, don’t get me wrong b/c the doctrine of Salvation is awesome!!  and incredibly important to our whole life and each day!!  But I asked, “Did you get saved recently?”  They replied, “oh no, I have been a Christian ever since 6 years of age”.  Again, don’t get me wrong…the fact that this person was still glad and thankful for salvation is huuuuggggeee!

Unfortunately, many of us “know” of salvation, or forgiveness, or our identity in Christ, or that the Bible is God’s word, or that God’s wants us to give financially, or that doing life with others is essential for a Christ follower, or that the Gospel is to be shared, or that porn will ruin relationships, or…or….or….!!!!  But, we, like the Pharisees, “reject God’s purposes for us” b/c we don’t follow-through with application.

Makes us wonder what we actually believe-huh?  sometimes, I think we, myself included, are like practical atheists or agnostics!!

Do you know Jesus?  what difference is He making in your life today?  You have to have both, knowledge and the working out of that knowledge, which is what the Bible calls–WISDOM!!

Lord make us wise!!



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