Post Script

Yesterday was a powerful day at Crossroads Church!!  God is doing so much and its so exciting to see Him work in so many lives and in so many ways!!  Our Family Pastor, Jono, started the day off with recognizing our grads!!  they were awesome and we are all so proud of them!  It was very encouraging to hear their stories and what God had been teaching them over the past year.  The video was GREAT!!  The Baptisms were awesome too!  I love Baptism and hearing the testimonies.  Its’ always an exciting experience!!  Worship was great, Ephesians 6:17-18 was great, Holy Spirit was working powerfully.  With the exception of the air conditioning, or I guess I should say, the lack of A/C, the day was great!!

We had one of our elders and a couple of his children over for lunch b/c his wife and other children are in Russia finalizing an adoption.  We had a huge lunch, my wife is an awesome cook and it was great and topped off with strawberry shortcake for dessert!!  YUM!

Our Daughter showed up at worship and surprised us (came in from College) and we enjoyed hanging out with her and one of her friends during the afternoon.  It was great!!

The evening rolled around and we checked out one of our community groups semester end party/cookout and enjoyed hanging out with them…it was great.  Love That Girl!!

Like I said, yesterday was great!!  A very encouraging day.  I am so grateful for God’s working in our lives.  He is so Good!!

Be blessed today!!  -MK


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