Daniel Fast -Day 19 Devotion-“Sell Outs”

“And everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or children or fields for my sake will receive a hundred times as much and will inherit eternal life. ” -Matt 19:29

One of my favorite rides at 6 Flags has always been one of the oldies, the “Scream Machine”.  My favorite part was always right there on the back stretch where it goes up and down like 3 or 4 times really fast only to freak out at the last minute when it looks like you are going to get your head cut off as the cars come under the awning to unload.

But then, I rode it last summer and I suddenly didn’t like it anymore.  It was too fast, too bumpy, in fact, it actually hurt.  Every time we came off one of those hills I thought my head was coming off and my back was breaking.  I just wanted off, please make it stop.  So, I decided I wouldn’t ride it anymore, I know, I know, wimp!  I guess it’s true.

I couldn’t help it but as I read about Pharoah today, “no, I am not going to let your people go”, yes, I will let your people go, just make it stop”, “no, I will not let your people go”, “yes, I will let your people go, just make it stop”.  Time and time again he said this and honestly, I thought of my experience on the roller coaster.  Weird huh?  Oh well, lets work with it…

Do you ever feel wishy-washy and up and down in your spiritual journey at times?  I know I do.  We have had an incredible spiritual journey these past 19 days, and in some ways at times, for me at least, it’s been a little up and down.  There have been some great spiritual moments and lessons, and there have been some challenging temptations to give in to appetite and instead of praying and seeking God, I grumbled and complained.

I don’t want to be wishy- washy do you?  I want to be rock solid on Him.  Totally abandoned, every day, sold out for Him and His Kingdom.  I dont want to give in to my flesh.  I want to be a sell out for God and His Kingdom.  Jesus talked about this today.  He told the guy, “give up everything for my sake.  And if you will do that, I will give you 100x more”.  Wow!  what a trade off for a sell out!  But, I often don’t see the eternal reward b/c I want the temporal thing right now, kind of like Pharoah.

Seek His Kingdom First!!!  As we approach these final days of this fast I want to encourage you to keep on seeking His Kingdom.  Just b/c the fast ends, doesn’t mean we have to end in our pursuit of Him.  Let’s give our lives every day for His Kingdom.  Try thinking at the beginning of the day and even throughout the day, what can I do for God’s Kingdom today?  How can I use my normal work day to build His Kingdom?  How can I be more focused on eternal rewards instead of the temporary rewards that will only come in this life?  It’s really the greatest ride of all!!



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