Daniel Fast -Day 16 Devotion – “faith crisis”

“…nothing shall be impossible to you” – Matt. 17:20

Matthew 17 is one of my favorite chapters.  The revelation of Jesus as the Son of God, the emphasis on faith and the provision of the tax in the fish’s mouth, all 3 are powerful passages.  I often wonder that I find myself  identifying with those in the reading today of little faith.  I must admit that of late, I have been experiencing a bit of a crisis of faith.

Man, I want to have BIG faith!  I get so inspired by those who have BIG faith that I want to be like them.  I think of many examples in the Bible of people who trusted so simply and I think, I want to be like them.  Jesus was often impressed by the faith of certain people, but like in today’s passage, He was also frustrated a little I think.  I wonder if He gets frustrated with me and my little faith.  Does He say to me, “How long shall I be with you”?, “how long shall I put up with you”?

Jesus doesnt say BIG faith is the key.  He says a little is good enough, even as much as a mustard seed.  Wow!  does this mean I don’t even have that much?  I think so.  I am so uninspiring.  But this very well might be the issue for my own crisis of faith.  Is my faith in Him or for the inspiration of others?  I soooo want it to be in Him, but if I am honest, I must admit that my faith is often not in Him.  Often, my faith is in my faith!!  Does that make sense?  In other words, instead of my focus being on the person of Jesus, and who He is, my focus is more on me, my abilities, my theology, my obedience, the perceptions of me by others, etc, etc.

Did you notice in the reading today that when Jesus speaks things happen?  He told the demon where to go and it did so, such power, He told the fish to come up to be caught and miraculously it became a first century ATM, such power.  There is a lot going on in your life and mine that causes us to come (like the disciples) whining to Jesus and say, “why couldn’t I do it”, the answer is, simply, trust, believe, have faith, not BIG faith, just as much as a mustard seed.  Trust in ME, He says!  In so doing, “nothing shall be impossible to, who?, YOU”  that’s me and you.

I know the right answer.  To overcome a crisis in Faith, I must trust in Jesus, in Him.  My prayer is that I will trust in Him for the “thing that I cannot do” and for what “I am able to do through Him Who works mightily within me”!  I want to feel that nothing is impossible!  I pray you want the same.  Have a blessed day full of faith!



2 Responses to “Daniel Fast -Day 16 Devotion – “faith crisis””

  1. Dean Dotson Says:

    Ditto !

  2. Carmen Glaze Says:

    Today as I was reading my thought was “WHAT POWER”. I have this same power living in me! If only I had the faith to use even a tiny bit.
    I pray that my faith and our churches faith will grow. This fast has really been hard, but God has been so good to me.


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