Daniel Fast – Day 9 Devotional – “Fight for Truth”

Somebody sent me a message the other day about some things that God was doing in their life.  It was sooooo encouraging to hear how God was speaking to them.  Somebody asked me the other day why the negative is so big in my mind and I told them, “well, that is often all I hear”, I said, “nobody schedules an appointment with me to tell me how awesome God is working in their life”, all the appointments that get scheduled are due to problems, conflicts, issues that poeple have with me, our church, their life, God, sin, etc., etc.

So to hear how a verse of scripture was opened to their heart and mind that has had a radical effect on them and their whole perspective, really is HUGE.  This person said they had heard that verse their whole life, but for whatever reason God revealed it to them in a light they had not been seeing.  PRAISE GOD!!!

Jesus said in today’s reading, that Isaiah was right, “while seeing, they do not see, while hearing they do not hear, nor do they understand…for their heart has become dull” .   After this Jesus went on to explain how truth is like the seeds of the sower, some truth gets rooted and unfortunately some truth does not.

We are living in a day and time where people will tell you they like the truth, but many like their “ears tickled” with truth.  Tell me truth that makes me feel good, don’t tell me truth that confronts my sin, don’t tell me the “whole truth”.  Many will take up the fight for truth but only until the line is being drawn in their own sand.  This reality of our age can be discouraging because it may seem like more seeds of truth are being eaten by birds, burned by sun, and choked out by the word than seeds of truth actually taking root!

But God…………(i love those words)

A verse of truth sticks out, finally, after a long time of hearing and not hearing, seeing and not seeing, truth sprouts through crusted soil and begins to grow.  It’s just one sprout, but how refreshing it is.  Kind of like the small sprout that “Wall-E” found (the movie) that eventually changes the world as he knew it.

The fight for truth is a worthy fight.  As I read Jesus’ words today, I am reminded that the odds were 3 -1.  3 areas of bad soil and a lot of seeds of truth to 1 area of good soil and those seeds of truth.  Even though it appears the odds are stacked against us fighting for truth, and even though it seems like people don’t want to live by truth, there are some seeds that take root and change lives!!  Truth will win, fight for truth!  Fight for truth today in your life.  What lies are you listening to that are destroying your life?  Don’t listen to the enemies lies.  “Truth will set you free!”

The Psalm we read today told us..“by the Word of Thy lips, I have kept from the paths of the violent”. Truth is what will “KEEP” you and me.  Not my experience found over in the book of 2 Opinions!!  Fight for Truth-the whole truth!  I  am praying for you.  Continue to seek God, read your copy of Truth, daily, so you can “see” and “hear”.  Blessings…



One Response to “Daniel Fast – Day 9 Devotional – “Fight for Truth””

  1. Thanks for the truth of God’s word today Mike. I have been there and i know how hard it is to deny self and be receptive to God’s word when you are so deperately trying to “validate”‘ your sin. The first step is hardest but if we trust in God’s truths and trust completely in HIM it will be taken care of.

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