Daniel Fast – Day 5 Devotion – “you promised”

Ever had one of those days when you just wanted to quit?  Well, a few more days and we all will have finished our first week of this time of prayer and fasting.  I want to encourage you to persevere, don’t quit!  your focus and discipline God will honor and show Himself powerfully in your life.  The more you come to the end of you, the closer you will get to Him.  Fasting usually starts off with us focusing on our ability to be strong, but when that runs out, then are we at the point where God really begins to move in powerful ways…persevere, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might, not by our might, not by our power but by God’s Spirit who moves mightily in us!!

In the readings today I found a truth in both passages of Genesis and Matthew.  When Jacob feared seeing his brother Esau, he reminded the Lord (as if…I know, right), that God had “promised” him that He would treat Jacob kindly, and that it was God who had told him to return to his own land.  He told the Lord, “you promised”, and even though he feared Esau, he trusted in what the Lord had told him.

Jesus said something similar in Matt. 10.  He said don’t be afraid!  what I say to you, shout out for all to hear…don’t be afraid of those who try to hurt you physically…don’t be afraid b/c you are more valuable to me than you realize.  these things really speak to me.  In the midst of fear… any fear… fear of anything, what God has said stands taller!

I experienced fear yesterday and as a result wanted to quit and give up.  But God, (aren’t those great words)  in His graciousness reminded me of what He has told me (He’s good like that you know)…”He would be with me”, “He would build His church”, “tell them what I tell you to say, uphold my truth”.  Eventually, I trusted in what He told me and the fear subsided, no rash decisions were made and no unwise actions occurred because I chose to trust in…” He promised”.

God’s promises never fail!  Never!  What He says, we can trust in, we might experience fear, after all we are but human right, but He promised, and He will deliver!  Never quit trusting in His promises, no matter what!   What has He promised you.  I encourage you to write it down for when you have one of those days!!  Hopefully today won’t be that day!  talk to you tomorrow.



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