Another Daniel Fast Resource

there have been many questions about our Daniel Fast.  I think that is great b/c that reveals that many are pursuing this issue and opportunity, how great is that!!

Well, I wanted to just provide some info for additional information if it is wanted.

First of all, when we did this last year we kicked it off with a specific message from a series we did on prayer.  the series was called “Can We Talk?” and the message was on Feb. 2, 2009, titled, “sometimes i wish you would just listen to me”.  you can download it off of itunes or go to our sermon archive on our website to listen and/or download, this link should take you there, This message was full of information on fasting and some details about the practical stuff.

Also, i mentioned that we are participating in a nationwide fast along with many other churches at the same time.  what a powerful thought, God’s people, by the hundreds seeking Him through prayer and fasting.  Wow!  i can only imagine what power and spiritual things will take place in all of our lives and churches.  Well, you can go to that website too and learn a lot about fasting, and in particular the Daniel Fast, but many resources are there for your help.  this link should take you there,

Well, i hope these resources provide answers to your questions, ideas for your own call to fasting, and overal spiritual guidance.  please know i am praying for you and our church to really hear from God.




3 Responses to “Another Daniel Fast Resource”

  1. Terri Bradley Says:

    Our family has been thinking and praying on if and how to participate. It’s great to see everyone really seeking God on how to best utilize this time to seek, grow and respond to/for and with Him. In my case I feel like I’m being led to do the actual Fruits and Vegetable thing. I understand this is not a legalistic thing, but can you give me an idea about how Daniel dealt with breads/grains. Did he abstain all together, or was that considered some kind of vegetable?

    I’ve processed my issues with protein and sweeteners, just can’t seem to place breads.

    Thanks. Terri

  2. Terri Bradley Says:

    Never mind. In reading scripture more and praying, I’ve figured out what I’m going to do.
    Thanks, Terri

  3. May God richly bless you! We have created a simple Spanish book (eBook) with 48 recipes for the Daniel’s Fast. These recipes have all natural ingredientes and they are easy to cook.

    The eBook cost only $3.95. This menu will simplify your cooking significantly in this fast, allowing you to focus more on your spiritual excercise and less in the meal preparations.

    The website to see some examples and purchase the eBook is:

    We will greatly appreciate your support. God bless you all,


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