Dainiel Fast, Day 13 (a day late, sorry)

I apologize for not getting this post up yesterday.  The day got away from me, my bad.  Thanks for coming here and looking for it, though.  I thought to just skip it and move on, but then we would jump from 12 to 14, and to a type A, it just doesn’t work, anyway, here it is, I hope you are encouraged, by it.  Hang in there with the fast, in fact, purpose to finish the fast strong this week.  I am praying for you!!


Day 13 – John chapter 13


“Do you understand what I have done for you?” John 13:12 (NIV)


This particular day, Jesus didn’t speak in a parable, but he chose to powerfully illustrate serving by washing the feet of His disciples. And to ensure they “got it,” he checked for understanding.


No doubt about it, Jesus needed His disciples to understand the principle of serving one another and this extends to us who follow Him today. This is a very powerful truth for us today, because we live in a very “self”-indulgent society.  But not only does he call us to lives of service, he wants us to know that this is indeed the path to spiritual and supernatural blessing. He said – “you will be blessed if you do them.” Understand though that we don’t serve just to be blessed – that would contradict the very essence of what it means to truly serve others.  Consider verse 3 again, Jesus knew who He was, and how much authority and power was given to Him.  He did not have to pretend to be someone He wasn’t, He was Almighty, All-powerful God.  Yet, He laid that “right” and privilege to be “self”-indulgent, to get up and put on the apron of service.  He was such a great example of the true motive for serving others.


Somehow, in some spiritual and supernatural way, God has made it so that as we serve, He pours back into us through His generous hand of blessing. As you seek God in prayer today, ask Him to show you how you can overcome serving yourself, and grow in serving your family, your neighbors, your church, and ultimately your world.


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